Bible Bestsellers, January 2013

Bible Bestsellers, January 2013
Compiled and distributed by ECPA
List does not include Bible portions or Bibles under $10.
Title ISBN Publisher Pub
1 The Story, NIV 9780310950974 Zondervan Apr. 2011 $19.99
2 NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible 9781414339276 Tyndale House Publishers Sep. 2012 $49.99
3 The Daily Bible 9780736944311 Harvest House Publishers Aug. 2012 $24.99
4 NIV Adventure Bible 9780310729136 Zondervan Jan. 2012 $39.99
5 NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible 9781414339290 Tyndale House Publishers Sep. 2012 $79.99
6 The Story: Teen Edition 9780310722809 Zondervan Apr. 2011 $14.99
7 NIV Adventure Bible 9780310721970 Zondervan Mar. 2011 $27.99
8 NLT Chronological Life Application Study Bible 9781414339283 Tyndale House Publishers Sep. 2012 $79.99
9 The NKJV Chronological Study Bible 9781418548681 Thomas Nelson Publishers Oct. 2011 $129.99
10 NIV Adventure Bible 9780310729143 Zondervan Jan. 2012 $39.99
11 NIV Study Bible 9780310437437 Zondervan Oct. 2011 $74.99
12 NIV One Year Chronological Bible 9780842350907 Tyndale House Publishers Sep. 1995 $19.99
13 NIV Life Application Study Bible 9780310434795 Zondervan Oct. 2012 $84.99
14 NIrV Adventure Bible 9780310723561 Zondervan Jun. 2012 $34.99
15 ICB Princess Bible-Tiara 9781400320639 Thomas Nelson Publishers Jun. 2012 $24.99
16 NIV One-Year Bible 9780842324519 Tyndale House Publishers Nov. 1986 $18.99
17 NIV Celebrate Recovery Bible 9780310938101 Zondervan Aug. 2007 $24.99
18 Sequin Bible 9781400317455 Thomas Nelson Publishers Oct. 2011 $29.99
19 NIrV Adventure Bible 9780310723554 Zondervan Jun. 2012 $34.99
20 NIV Life Application Study Bible 9780310419037 Zondervan Oct. 2012 $84.99

Awards Legend:

Bronze Award Bronze Award (over 100,000 sold)

Gold Award Gold Award (over 500,000 sold)

Platinum Award Platinum Award (1 million sold)

Double Diamond Award Diamond Award (10 million sold)

Christian Book Award® Christian Book Award® winner

Book of the Year Book of the Year winner

Christy Award Christy Award winner

American Christian Fiction Carol Award winner ACFW Carol Award winner

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