Bible Bestsellers (under $10), April 2016

Bible Bestsellers (under $10), April 2016
Compiled and distributed by the ECPA
List does not include Bible portions.
Title ISBN Publisher Pub
1 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-HCSB, Black 9781586400699 B&H PUBLISHING GROUP Apr. 2004 $6.99
2 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-HCSB, Burgundy 9781586400705 B&H PUBLISHING GROUP Apr. 2004 $6.99
3 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-HCSB, Blue 9781586400712 B&H PUBLISHING GROUP Apr. 2004 $6.99
4 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-HCSB, White 9781586400729 B&H PUBLISHING GROUP Apr. 2004 $6.99
5 SANTA BIBLIA-RV 1909 9781586609733 BARBOUR PUBLISHING Mar. 2003 $2.99
7 ECONOMY BIBLE-ESV 9781433550324 CROSSWAY Nov. 2015 $2.99
8 HOLY BIBLE-KJV 9780718011970 THOMAS NELSON PUBLISHERS Apr. 2014 $2.99
9 OUTREACH BIBLE-NIV 9780310433859 ZONDERVAN Mar. 2014 $2.99
10 OUTREACH BIBLE-NIV 9781563205774 ZONDERVAN Jan. 2015 $3.99
11 LARGER PRINT BIBLE-NIV 9781563207211 BIBLICA Jan. 2015 $5.99
13 ECONOMY BIBLE-ESV 9781433528460 CROSSWAY Oct. 2010 $2.99
14 HOLY BIBLE-NIrV 9780310748373 ZONDERVAN Apr. 2015 $2.99
15 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-NIV, Black 9780310434375 ZONDERVAN Mar. 2011 $7.99
16 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-NIV, Burgundy 9780310434368 ZONDERVAN Mar. 2011 $7.99
17 SANTA BIBLIA-NVI, Edición Económica 9780829760231 VIDA PUBLISHERS Sep. 2014 $2.99
18 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-KJV, Burgundy 9780879814632 B&H PUBLISHING GROUP Jul. 1981 $6.99
19 SANTA BIBLIA-RVR 1960 9781585160785 AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY Dec. 1999 $5.49
20 GIFT & AWARD BIBLE-NKJV, Black 9781433604621 B&H PUBLISHING GROUP Mar. 2013 $6.99

Awards Legend:

Bronze Award Bronze Award (over 100,000 sold)

Gold Award Gold Award (over 500,000 sold)

Platinum Award Platinum Award (1 million sold)

Double Diamond Award Diamond Award (10 million sold)

Christian Book Award® Christian Book Award® winner

Book of the Year Book of the Year winner

Christy Award Christy Award winner

American Christian Fiction Carol Award winner ACFW Carol Award winner

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