Christian Bestsellers Under $6, August 2010

Christian Bestsellers Under $6, August 2010
Compiled and distributed by ECPA
List does not include booklets.
Title Author ISBN Publisher List
1 The NLT Bible Promise Book Ronald Beers/Amy Mason 9781414313566 Tyndale House Publishers $1.99
2 Time with God for Fathers Jack Countryman 9781404189447 Thomas Nelson Publishers $4.99
3 Promise of Security Booklet Beth Moore 9781414337968 Tyndale House Publishers $0.99
4 My Utmost for His Highest Oswald Chambers 9781586608293 Barbour Publishing $4.97
5 God's Creative Power for Healing Charles Capps 9780982032008 Capps Publishing $2.00
6 Heaven Randy C. Alcorn 9781414301914 Tyndale House Publishers $0.99
7 Bible Treasure Hunt C. W. Michaels 9781602608344 Barbour Publishing $1.99
8 10 Commandments Then and Now Robert West 9781602607026 Barbour Publishing $1.99
9 My Utmost for His Highest Oswald Chambers 9780916441821 Barbour Publishing $4.99
10 The KJV Bible Promise Book 9780916441432 Barbour Publishing $3.99
11 Bible Prophecy Handbook Carol Smith 9781602608740 Barbour Publishing $1.99
12 Know Your Bible Paul Kent 9781602600157 Barbour Publishing $0.99
13 199 Promises of God 9781597897044 Barbour Publishing $0.99
14 If My People... Jack Countryman 9781404187283 Thomas Nelson Publishers $2.99
15 The NLV Bible Promise Book 9781597895200 Barbour Publishing $1.99
16 Healed of Cancer Dodie Osteen 9780912631332 John Osteen Publications $4.00
17 Moments of Faith for Fathers 9781602608283 Barbour Publishing $1.99
18 How to Study the Bible Robert M. West 9781597897068 Barbour Publishing $0.99
19 Bible Promises for You - NIV 9780310812685 Zondervan $1.99
20 The KJV Bible Promise Book (Paperback) 9781557481054 Barbour Publishing $1.99

Awards Legend:

Bronze Award Bronze Award (over 100,000 sold)

Gold Award Gold Award (over 500,000 sold)

Platinum Award Platinum Award (1 million sold)

Double Diamond Award Diamond Award (10 million sold)

Christian Book Award® Christian Book Award® winner

Book of the Year Book of the Year winner

Christy Award Christy Award winner

American Christian Fiction Carol Award winner ACFW Carol Award winner

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